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There are three groups of roulette players. First is the very small group of long term roulette winners, next are the largest group of average players who will lose in the long term but will have sporadic winning nights and hot roulette streaks, and finally is the also quite large group of players who never win !

Almost literally, there is a group of players that really don’t walk out of a casino with money, and almost ever. How can this be, I hear you rightly ask, if the odds are the same for all non system players how can some appear to lose more than others.



The answer lies in the selected roulette strategies and these notes are predominantly aimed those who struggle to win money at roulette and are unsure as to why.

I started considering this issue when I overheard a man asking another, in a rather desperate manner, why it was that he could never win playing roulette whilst so many others do from time to time win.

If you know gamblers who fit into this group of players then the chances are high that they adopt a certain betting style that is well known in roulette circles, loved by the casinos and even has its own name, its possible that they  are grinders. If they are then solving this may be simpler than they realise.


Grinders only have one thing going for them on the roulette table and that is that they will last longer for their money. If the primary objective is to win money then lasting longer than other players who walk in with the same money will offer no advantage whatsoever, especially if it nearly always ends in nothing.



There are different forms of grinding but the usual ingredient is covering almost the entire layout with only small differences in how any one number is covered. Doing this is almost like betting 1 chip on every number, a sure way to give the casino money slowly. Progress with this method is all about slowly moving up and down and generally more down. The first obvious problem is that, by moving in such small steps forwards or backwards the player never actually reaches a big winning position when he can say ‘ it

Often players overlook the full impact of the casinos edge in that they think that by walking into a casino with a $200 bankroll it would then be subjected to the casinos normal and small house edge. In fact what happens, and especially for the grinder, is the player with $200 will play a bit , win a bit, lose a bit and this will just carry on until the bankroll gets busted. The key point is that during all these hours of playing the roulette grinder will not have spent the $200 but may be more like $10,000 and furthermore, it is that amount that will be subjected to the casinos house advantage. 

The best way of changing all this is to play the game professionally and be in the small group that wins in the long run, such as players of my visual roulette system but if not, then just a small modification or two can turn this around.

Gamblers who get in and get out fairly quickly with smaller groups of bet numbers, have a significantly higher chance of making some decent money, though they wont last very long when they lose.

The problem is a combination of spreading the bets too widely and wishing to stay playing for too long. My advice to these players would simply be to cut back on the betting coverage and have a couple of hot numbers which when good can create that, ‘bank it and leave it ’ moment.



Classic Roulette Grinder 

On one of my roulette playing tours I was lucky enough to get about three weeks in Monte Carlo. Any of you who have visited may remember the huge roulette wheel at the entrance of the Café de Paris where about 8 players sit around and where the ball is the same size as a tennis ball and yet still in scale with the extra large roulette wheel.

I started winning on this machine because I figured that the roulette ball would be fired at exactly 13 seconds from when the music stopped.



There was another very happy chappy who was also in everyday and winning too, even to the point where he seemed to attract tourists and other watchers.

I would see players looking at his screen and smiling and then I would also see the light on his terminal lighting up every spin, showing him to have won.

As you can imagine I was growing curious and wanted to know what all these tourists were actually looking at.

So on the following day I decided to go over and say hello.  He was very friendly but to my horror I suddenly realised why he had been getting all the attention and winning so fantastically……………he was betting on both red and black!!

This was a classic example of obsessive grinding where the winning light was the all consuming objective.

Other serious ways of losing at roulette include all bet staking strategies. These systems will in the long run always lose at the same margin as any other player but the main problem in this instant is that when these bets go down they literally collapse with one almighty big crash.. Such methods include doubling up the bets until one gets a winner.

Doubling up, otherwise known as ‘The Martingale’ will ruin the bankroll and all in a sudden moment 




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