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Is it possible to Win at Roulette ?


Is the first big question and the first big answer is a very definite yes you can win at Roulette.Both the casinos and an ever growing band of players know very well that a roulette advantage can be achieved over the long term, though this will not apply on every wheel and not to all types of roulette either.


But isn’t it true that ‘Einstein said that ‘’the only way to win at roulette is to steal the money from the table’’



Yes, it is widely reported that he had said this, though I am not sure that I believe it. If he did, then put simply, Einstein was wrong and I don’t need to use my own roulette systems to prove this as it is widely accepted these days. However,  he probably did not say it and if he did then there is an easy explanation in that it was probably taken out of context, whereby he was almost certainly only referring to mathematical betting strategies and not roulette wheel bias. In this instance he would be very correct that mathematical strategies don’t work, and It’s logical that this area of the game would have been the focus of his attention.


How Do I win at Roulette?


There are only two basic types of roulette system that work successfully in the long term. Forget about all those thousands of stake betting systems for roulette, they were looked at and shown not to be viable back in the 1970’s. 

Both the successful winning roulette systems have certain overlapping features but are in roulette terms fairly different.


The first very good roulette method


Has been around for many years and involves the finding of a  wheel that shows a roulette number bias. These hot numbers are created by the slow wear and tear of the roulette wheel. An irregular type of bounce may be created or a number pocket may become broken but for whatever the reason a number or section of numbers is coming up much more than it should. As you can imagine this is very much a roulette system of the past and many millions have been won this way. Because of advances in technology and general awareness the bias numbers are harder to find these days. It may be harder to locate these hot roulette numbers but if and when you do you can win as much as anyone did previously. Just remember not to get greedy to quickly or the wheel will be gone before you can even say ‘jackpot’



Much has been written over the years about what statistically constitutes as a true bias number but from experience I can say that 1000 spins minimum is required and a number is only worth following if it occurred at least 40 times in that 1000 roulette spins. Another key tip is to split your data for each direction of the wheel…this makes a huge difference.


 The second most reliable & modern way of winning at roulette

Is to play wheels that show what we call pin landing bias. This phenomenon occurs for many reasons and results in mimicking how a tilted wheel would behave.

This method of roulette play can be applied in three ways and as you would expect I provide all three.

The roulette player can apply a natural form of visual roulette which involves developing a counting rhythm and an understanding of how exactly to locate the hot number section.

Another way to apply the same roulette system as above but with more accuracy is by replacing the counting with a vibration pulse, in the form of a very normal and non customized watch. If you live in an area that doesn’t allow this type of play then the watch can still be used before playing to gain a perfect rhythm count. You can walk out the casino and use your watch for practice whenever you feel your rhythm is going off.

Finally there is roulette software prediction where our program the Pred7 is installed on to a small PDA computer. This again is the same system as above but there are obvious advantages of accuracy levels and the fact that a computer can do so much more than the human mind, in the time available.



How big is a winning roulette margin?


 Once you have the basics and found a small edge you can then take this game just about as far as you want and your success will depend on the quality and quantity of factors that you apply to your roulette system. Playing will involve a wide variety of wheels and ever changing conditions that affect the roulette ball spin action. As you can see, your margin will change considerably just because of these two simple factors alone. The very best players can recognize and even predict the good periods for play and in turn this adds greatly to the margin simply by avoiding some of the worst periods for playing. A major factor like this can improve a long term edge by as much as about 10%. Whereas a factor like getting a good seat just before the dealer arrives is useful and over the long term would also have some positive impact on the margin, though  it certainly wouldn’t be 10%.


I used to always be very ready and in the right place by the wheel before the new dealer arrived. I know for sure that this move added to my winnings over the years. I use these two examples to show just how big the range of winning roulette factors is and how each one will have its own impact on your advantage. My edge over 25 years is a whopping 40% though If I break that down between the first 15 years where it was probably as high as 50% and the last ten years where despite being a better player the edge is more realistically about 30%. This is simply because most of the really easy wheels to play have been dumped. The problem with the very best wheels is that too many players win, even at small margin levels and almost by accident.


How much Bankroll for Roulette do I require?



This is a question that I get asked all the time and as strange as it may first appear I hardly ever gave this factor more than a moment thought. The point here is that bankroll is a critical factor with certain roulette systems and a non issue for others. The key as to whether it is important or not will be down to the size of the winning margin. If you are operating some mathematical system of stake betting then the bankroll is a vital component and a sure sign of a desperate system. In some ways that’s a bad example because mathematical systems don’t actually work at all and so bank roll is probably the only factor!! If however you have a valid roulette playing method but with a very small margin then again your bankroll is relevant.

For a roulette player with a margin over 15% he really doesn’t need to spend hours working out his appropriate bankroll. It’s an obvious thing at this level of the game and can be done by feel alone.

Let me emphasize that if bankroll is one of the biggest factors of a certain roulette system then that is a sure sign of a very weak or non existent roulette advantageTo be honest I would never choose to be a pro gambler for a 6% winning edge because although this is a good winning margin it would also be a nightmare lifestyle that comes with it. You would basically experience almost as many losing nights as winning ones which would be very wearing, especially during times of strong negative fluctuation.

My advice is don’t play pro roulette until you can achieve at least a 10% margin and as soon as you get to about 20% the bankroll becomes a very minor issue, other than to ensure you take in the comfortable amount that suits your bet levels, enabling you to last out periods when things are slow. Also avoid getting carried away and suddenly changing your stake levels.



Can anyone be a top roulette player?


I guess so, but being both a teacher of roulette systems and a player of roulette for many years, it is very clear to me that the best players do have certain important and very useful characteristics.

All system players are continuously evaluating the state of the game they are playing and tough decisions have to be taken frequently. It is therefore vital to be someone who can remain calm, especially when losing. It’s well known that we make irrational decisions when we are in any way worked up inside. Losing for brief periods is down to negative fluctuation and should be treated as an unavoidable part of your overall margin. So a cool head is very important.

With the visual game and to a lesser degree the computer prediction, a good hand eye co-ordination is a very valuable asset and even better if you have good spatial awareness too.  Signs that will tell you this are your driving skills, your ball sport skills or even your computer gaming skills. The game of roulette is like any other ball sport as far as I am concerned.

A reasonable level of intelligence is also required to play top roulette. The better your understanding, the better your winning roulette advantage will be.

If you are a quick thinker then you may also be capable of making split second moves to your bet positions at the very last moment, and this too would stand one out from the crowd.



How do I start to play Advantage Roulette?

You are confronted with two options. Either you take time out to research the game and put everything together to make a good and workable system or, you take the fast track route and purchase the information. If you purchase from the right seller you will always get amazing value for money in this field but get the wrong seller and you will get nothing at all!

The research avenue was a road I took many years ago and having discovered so many amazing things over the years I can only say that because you would get the benefit of all that research for about 1000th of the cost to me, in the sense of the time taken to acquire this information and experience. I would strongly have to advise you to cut to the chase, purchase a great system and go for it.

If you are searching around, I am bound to say look no further as you have found the right place. However, I do also appreciate that everyone likes to look around and to that end all I want to say is that in this field it is important not to take what you read as fact unless shown to be so. Most important of all look out to see what the actual customers say about the products and bear in mind that no one ever raves about another sellers product because they will probably be on a forum run by a seller of his own products.

If you were to start with a visual roulette system for not too much mone,y you could then make your evaluation of the method and then know if you want to spend money upgrading the same system on to a roulette computer program. This is the logical way of playing it safe. I should also mention that I am one of very few sellers who is always happy to demonstrate my computer before anyone spends any money!


How long does it take to master the Jafco Visual Roulette System?


It will take half day of reading to understand the basics. Within a few minutes of watching the you will be able to make your first call bets. After about 2 hours of DVD practice you will start to gain a good rhythm and start to win more than normal.  I week of practise should set you up for real play with something like a ten percent winning edge which will get better and better as your game and experience improves. This percentage is a very approximate number as it will not just depend on your ability to play but also the quality of the wheel you are playing.



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