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Going to a Casino


 Casinos across the world usually require Identification and the gambler will normally need to be more than 18 or 21 years of age.

Some casinos apply a strict dress code and others will be more relaxed. If visiting for the first time it is best to avoid wearing trainers and jeans.



The higher the margin is for the professional roulette gambler the less significant the bankroll will be as a system factor. It’s very easy to sense the right amount to take in as long as the winning gambling edge is good. Talk of bankroll always has the tell tale signs of a weak or non existent margin where bankroll becomes one of the biggest factors of a system. This is especially the case with mathematical roulette staking strategies that don’t work at all (apart from may be the first hour or day). Always take in a comfortable sum of money as your bankroll for gambling and then play within it, enabling you to last a certain degree of negative fluctuation which is always possible.


Cashing Money


Pro-Players arriving at their casino with cash to buy chips should consider that the more cash they put down on the table the more they will need to cash in at the end. As a pro-player is normally keeping a low profile it figures that they should also be seen to cash in as little as possible.

The simple solution is a combination of things. First always keep some chips back from a winning session as this will then reduce the impact of the win and it also enables you to use these as your bankroll for the next session or two.

The thing to do is have other players cash some of the chips occasionally (unless not allowed)



Taking these actions will greatly reduce the amount of cash going into the system which in turn reduces the amount seen to be coming out.

Naturally there are a couple of precautions in that you shouldn’t just walk in and walk up to the first table and give them plastic chips as it will be obvious you have walked in with them. It is best to either use a very small cash amount just for the first buy in or wait 5 minutes before playing by which time it could have been won from somewhere else in the casino.

It is also important to check which cash chips are being written down. If they don’t write down the $25 chips when you win them, then these are the best ones to be paid in and equally so for keeping back.

There is no point in walking out with chips that have been recorded as this would soon be picked up on. The casinos are happy about players keeping back chips but that’s because they don’t have to pay on them yet and they usually have an idea who has them, and in if they did know then the advantage would be lost.



Casino Countermeasures for Roulette


If you are pro-roulette player with a healthy winning edge, you will be all too familiar with the limitless countermeasures available to the casinos and although some are a bit underhand they can also often be counteracted by a top player.

I shall describe the solutions to some of the more traditional roulette countermeasures as these notes are just a general guide.

The first action of a pro player after he has finished playing a newly discovered wheel should be to draw a small wheel picture making a note of all the scratches and marks. It is also a good idea to note the position of the pins too.

These actions will enable the pro roulette player to detect when the wheel is twisted, moved or removed!


The casino may change the roulette dealer during a good run and although there is not much the player can do about it, I want to emphasize that providing both the wheel and ball throws are similar then the effect will be far less than many players suggest. The main reason that roulette changes dramatically sometimes is not so much a new dealer but far more to do with the external conditions that will impact on the roulette ball’s spin action. Temperature ,pressure and one or two even more substantial factors all play their parts in positive and negative ways.



After a good couple of weeks if the success of the pro player has been noted it is possible that he will enter one day and find a different type of roulette ball in play. Whether it is better or not is the first thing to consider but most importantly to have a brief low cost play is vital because it will look like you haven’t noticed and in the same way, if a wheel is moved it’s important not to immediately follow it and play it as they would notice and then just bin it.

The list of countermeasures for casinos is endless but most of them can be figured out just by keeping ones eyes open.



Prospecting for Roulette Gold

Like anything in this world, the more we look the more we shall find and this is very true when it comes to prospecting for the very best roulette wheels.

Imagine if you are playing a roulette wheel that is yielding a healthy 22% edge. Sounds good, but then you discover another one up the road 4 months later that is offering a whopping 40% margin. You might rightly consider that you had been missing out but at least from then on you would know just how important it is to spend time looking around and prospecting for the best roulette wheels. Many top pro roulette system players are only interested in the best 1% of wheels and for them prospecting is one of the biggest parts of their method. The logic behind this is that the amount of playing time is greatly reduced but the margin is so high that the professional can feel more comfortable in betting very high. This is quite an impressive way of playing but does require patience and skill.



Locating great roulette wheels is just a numbers game!  It only takes 10 minutes to rule out a wheel as no good and the more you can rule out the sooner you will get to the next good one. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of roulette wheel prospecting; it is an art in itself and if done very well can be highly rewarding. Some of the very best players travel great distances each year for this purpose and even select their holiday destinations to coincide with casino resorts.



 Casinos will ban Serial Roulette Winners


Naturally a casino will ban a player who has behaved badly but in this brief note we are looking specifically at players who are banned for winning too much. As stated earlier it is how often a player wins and not how much he may win that casinos are interested in.

Banning roulette players occurs far more today than previously and that’s almost certainly down to the increase in roulette playing professionals, possibly stemming from the information explosion on the internet.

If the player takes the necessary measures he can probably look like half the player he actually is and this will greatly extend the life of their memberships.

There has been much debated over the years about why a casino can ban anyone who is winning continuously. I understand the problem well and furthermore, I understand that without having such a facility to ban players, their whole businesses would be potentially at risk.



  How good is your Roulette System?


As we know, the quality of any roulette system will be down to a combination of knowledge and skill. There are ‘experts’ all over the web, many of whom can offer good information but just how good ? and that’s the big question..

.Do you know about specific periods when you should not play roulette?

Does your game reach very high winning margins for the 2 pin game (two landing points) by predicting a winner on either landing pin?

Can your system predict  well on 3 pin roulette wheels (3 landing pins)?

Is your system immediately adjustable as the conditions change and would you recognize the change?

If you use software prediction can you play one wheel all night without having to re calibrate the ball? (roulette ball deceleration rate)

Can you bet before the last 4 revolutions of the ball with accuracy levels similar to that of 2 revolutions from the end?

Do you know how to predict when to play?

If yes was the answer to at least 4 out of 7 questions, then you probably may well have a very good roulette system, though 7out of 7 would be better!

“Be lucky but don’t rely on it”



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