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This roulette system is one of the best known and involves tracking and then betting on ‘Hot’ roulette numbers that have been shown to have hit at a far higher rate than roulette probability would normally allow.(standard deviation)



This is an extract from my article on the subject of biased roulette numbers. The complete article and system description is in my Advanced Visual Roulette System Booklet.

For many years this roulette method has been well documented and has provided many players with literally millions in winnings. It is considered by some to be the only real way to win at roulette, and though this is definitely not correct it is true to say that it is a very pleasurable way of winning and certainly can provide an awesome winning roulette margin for the professional roulette player.

For many players today it is their only method for playing roulette ~ if one is not doing anything else, then one might as well collect the winning number data, just in case. The main point is that there is a wide range of winning margin levels in this game. An amateur player who lacks crucial information may be just following the hottest roulette number/S and is therefore technically playing a system, though it would rarely produce the required results.

However, a professional roulette player at the top of his game will be using all his experience and skill to correctly identify a real biased number and then play it in a very precise way. If you don’t know how to play such numbers correctly, you may find that the wheel will be gone before you even get started (as described later on this page)


The key to the success of this roulette system will be down the number of quality factors that you incorporate into your data collection, analysis and playing.

If for example, an amateur roulette player did not separate the spin data for each wheel direction, he could easily miss a serious opportunity where a number may only be biased in one wheel direction and yet the winning roulette numbers data from both put together would water down, and certainly conceal the true picture.

This method is fully valid with great potential but it is also worth mentioning that the roulette systems I teach are considered by myself to offer the pro player an even higher long term margin, and to that end I would highly recommend having both, as this would provide you with two playing options and take out the time factor involved when searching for bias numbers. In other words you could play the Visual Roulette System until you come across a roulette wheel showing a biased number. This was how I played myself, so I can say that I played some amazing biased roulette numbers but I never spent a moment having to search for them !


 Hot Roulette Numbers & Number Zones


When a number or group of numbers occur more frequently in the long term than probability allows, there must be a reason, and by that I mean a real physical reason. The definition of what I call the ‘long term’ will be dealt with shortly but we are definitely not talking merely about a number coming up say 4 times in the first 60 spins, as this data would tell us nothing.



There are many reasons why such non random roulette events can occur and I am not obviously going to highlight all these reasons because firstly, knowing about the factors that cause biased numbers is not critical to playing the system and secondly there is no point in drawing any attention to these physical elements that cause bias because as you will see, casino counter measures is the name of the game and the slightest sniff of a bias and the roulette wheel will be gone in seconds, and if not, then at least moved or twisted. This will also apply if they notice an unusual winner covering certain numbers. Knowing about all these things in advance though, enables the player to develop an unnoticeable strategy for playing.

Roulette Wheels have moving parts and are mostly made of wood, with several metal pieces used for the diamonds and frets that divide the roulette number pockets. The fact that these wheels are designed to last between 10 and 30 years in a casino makes it easy to see that we have the perfect recipe for bias potential. Wheels are not cheap and casinos do not like dumping them unless they really have to go!

Wood slowly changes its shape over time because of continuous temperature / pressure changes and general wear and tear. Metal fatigue can create hidden cracking within the metal pocket frets causing the ball to bounce in a different way to the more normal type of landings on other parts of the wheel. These are just two of the better known causes of roulette wheel number bias and I hope players can appreciate that bias roulette can be created from something that is as small as a millimetre out or even a tiny hairline fracture on just one of the number pockets.

I don’t believe in the perfect roulette wheel~ in 30 years I have seen too much to think anything else. The affects of wheel bias are in fact happening everywhere, though in many cases it is very small, not instantly recognizable, and too time consuming to detect and/or play.



Hot Numbers


With so many potential flaws in the roulette wheel it follows that the resulting number bias may also reveal itself in many forms too. It could be just a single number that stands out or it could be a small group of numbers. It could even present itself as two separated zones in very different parts of the wheel. The final outcome will always directly relate to the specific bias that is in play. This is part of document about the Jafco biased roulette number system. The complete document is in my Advanced Visual Roulette System Booklet.

The next chapter is all about

Prospecting for Roulette Wheel Bias



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