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Entrance to casinos


In most parts of the world a player will need to be either 18 or 21 years old to enter a casino and identification will nearly always be required on a first visit to any casino club.

Often there will be a dress code and until a player knows otherwise it is best to go prepared without jeans or trainers.

From your very first visit, it is advisable to only take with you what you can afford to lose. A small loss, a couple of drinks and wallet filled with credit cards will, for many players, be the potential for a very bad night, and certainly one that can be avoided with advance thought.



 Cashing Money

Players can buy either Cash chips or Colour chips. Cash can usually be used to buy both chip types at a Roulette wheel. Only cash chips can be purchased from the cage (cashiers desk), and Colour chips can only be purchased at the roulette wheel from the dealer.

The colour chips are a player’s individual chips for placing on the roulette table layout without fear of any confusion with any other roulette player’s chips. There are two important things about players chips that most beginners don’t know about.

First, when you buy colour or cash chips from the roulette croupier (dealer) you must put your money down on the table as the croupier will not be allowed to take it directly from your hand.

Secondly, when a player finishes playing at a particular roulette table it is important to cash all the colour chips in with the roulette dealer. Often a beginner will walk away from the table with their colour chips in pocket and at some point a member of staff will tap his shoulder and explain the problem.

 I knew a top Pro-roulette system player a number of years back and when he went into a casino for the first time he would deliberately make this mistake with the colour chips. He used to think that the casino would view him immediately as a total beginner and not bother about him. That was until I pointed out that it was probably drawing much more attention than he realised as one of the oldest tricks in the book is to keep £1 colour chips back and then return later to buy the same colour but at £10 each. If a player had kept back 10 x £1 chips, they would technically then be worth £100.  This scam is not recommended, unworkable and against the law.



Playing Roulette

Before starting to play roulette it is good to familiarize one with the winning odds and the minimum/maximum bet sizes for particular bet types. These are always displayed at the table head and a croupier can also explain things, unless the roulette table is very busy. You may wish to view those odds in more detail.

The roulette playing strategy that you need will completely depend on why you are there to start with. There are basically three options of which two are ok and 1, in my view is not.

If you are a once in a while type of player who is just interested from the fun point of view and perhaps with your friends too, then this is all good and provided you don’t dramatically change the frequency of your visits and provided you are able to remain fairly calm about small losing nights then there is no reason to be concerned.

If however, you are entering a casino with a mission to start winning some serious money at roulette with no proven strategy then I would suggest that this would be a bad plan, even potentially disastrous if you either have a lot of money to lose or a tendency to get over involved in something.

The third option is to play winning pro-roulette which does not involve years of research or testing endless losing systems in casinos. Remember, we choose exactly when we bet and the casino is not the place for trying out systems . The pro-roulette player will have either a live wheel at home for practice or if not then at least plenty of DVD play, because the first thing about being a true pro gambler is that we never bet on something unless we know we have an edge or advantage before we even start. This is why true professionals never look at what they do as gambling (risk taking) and furthermore, most of us pros have seen it all and can at times be fairly non approving of some parts of the whole gambling thing. The best way to play is to purchase the correct playing information and practice for a short while until you sense your gamblers edge and only then will you be ready for real roulette. Information about my roulette systems can be viewed at


Casino Etiquete


Casinos are places where large amounts of money transfer hands daily and this in itself makes a casino a serious and secure place. Casino clubs always have their own rules governing the day to day administration, including dress codes, behaviour codes, playing guidelines and more. If you adopt a normal non confrontational attitude then little can go wrong and all the guidelines are the things one might normally expect. There are some do’s and don’ts in the Roulette game.


Don’t bet after the roulette ball has landed !


Don’t place bets inaccurately on the roulette table layout


Don’t bet in roulette after the dealer has called ‘no more bets’


Don’t give the roulette dealer a bad time when your number doesn’t come up.


Don’t get into tussles with other players ~ it’s not worth drawing attention, especially for a pro roulette gambler.


Don’t lend money to other roulette players. When you win, tricksters notice!



Do tip if it is the local custom but very careful because tipping casually can have a very dramatic, yet less noticeable negative effect on a players margin.


Do bet accurately by taking extra care to place bets in the intended positions. This will avoid lots of wasted time replaying the cctv.


Do stop playing when you have a win large enough to make you happy, and cash it in. The time you spend at the table is relevant to your day’s game. The longer you stay, the more you play, and the more you play, the more you may pay!  This advice though is not for the pro roulette player as he will bet more when he is winning as it is a sign of good repetitive roulette conditions and in these advantage situations the more they play the more they are likely to win.



Do be careful not to spread your bets too widely as covering more numbers may make it harder to reach a high point that is high enough for banking. Players who spread are known as Grinders in the trade and they will last longer than most players but they will nearly always end up losing and end up banking something rarely.


Whatever your reason for playing, make sure it is an enjoyable experience rather than the nightmare as it is for many. Roulette strategy is everything and the more complete the knowledge, the better the roulette system will be.  There are thousands of systems available and they can be split into two groups, the 95% that don’t work and the 5% that do. If you gain a basic knowledge from pages such as mine this may enable you to ask the right questions when considering buying something. I demonstrate some of my products pre-purchase and this allows for a more comfortable transaction and 1 on 1 training too.  My visual roulette system customers may not be able to visit but can see the action at my central website -



 Wanting to be a Roulette System Pro?


If you are thinking of taking the game seriously then there are some extra tips that can be applied right from the start. I am not talking about player tips in this section but more tips which may be relevant should you become a pro player later.

If the first casino you enter is local to where you live then it’s possible that 15 years later it could still be your no1 place, even as a pro player. This would be very valuable, especially if the local casino choice was limited. For these reasons your local casino is top priority and not therefore a place for the pro player to hit big as otherwise he could lose his membership in the one place where there was more money to be won over an extended playing period. if you think you may become a pro then it’s a good idea prepare in advance

If you play a particular strategy for 1 year as a moderate loser and then you dramatically changed your betting style and became a noticeable winner this would stand out and make your run of successes come to an end. Remember the casinos have countermeasures and the can and will twist wheels, move wheels and dump wheels and all you have to do is give them the slightest sign that you have turned into a winner. So it’s good to avoid a betting pattern that would be easily noticed if changed.



Your act is important too and a top pro - player will manage his game in such a way that his winning is almost undetectable. If they are skilful professionals they will look and talk like losers, hide away in the back ground, avoid conflict, and ask other players or friends to cash in chips.

Nowadays the casinos are not so much worried about the size of any single win but more about the frequency of wins. So even if you played $1 chips and won every day for two weeks you actually could get banned. The point is a casino will rightly act immediately when they consider a player has a winning edge, even if it was just a £3000 total win. If it was a £3000 win from just a £100 start then that could equally have been a £30,000 from just a £1000 start and that’s the worry for the casinos.



Be lucky, but don’t get over involved if your game is based on luck alone.


  By John

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