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The majority of roulette players around the world would agree that Monte Carlo is probably at the very top of the list when it comes to the best roulette places.

It is one of the most glitzy and glamorous places on the planet  and  has a roulette history stretching back many years, from which endless stories reflecting the romance of the roulette game have emanated.



Monaco>Italy and the Riviera region of France. The nearest airport is in Nice, only about 30 km away.


The Monte Carlo Casino is possibly the world’s most famous casino, especially in terms of roulette. Established in1863 and set within the main square this utterly beautiful casino is visited by the rich and wealthy from across the globe. An invitation to create the casino came from Monaco’s Charles III at which point it was given the name Monte Carlo (Mount Charles)

In Monaco players need to be aged 21 and over for casino entry and there is a semi formal dress code.  French and American roulette games are both availabe.

Also set inCasino Square is The Café de Paris, another spectacular Casino with just about everything on offer to players. The Café de Paris casino is a place that fills me with excitement when I think about it as I had a substantial success there in 1999. Whether this particular wheel is there today I don’t know but as you enter the main casino there was an enormous machine roulette wheel which was so big that the roulette ball was the size of a tennis ball ! Now, generally these types of machines are very difficult to play but in this situation a combination of two factors came together making an enormous advantage possible. The first factor was that unlike most machines, with this one I was able to predict the moment the ball would be fired. I determined this moment from the music that accompanied the game.

The second factor was an obvious drop point owing to wheel bias, so yes, we can get bias just about anywhere even on machines that have a bolt to fire the ball and in Monte Carlo too !



The Café de Paris opens at 2 pm. An identification item with a photograph and a small entrance charge ensures entry to a great casino. 

Set down below and behind the Café de Paris Casino there is the very well known Sun Casino which is filled with roulette wheels and slots. This place is big and offers a choice of 4 restaurants including the excellent seafood restaurant, the Café de la Mer.

The roulette – pro can win in Monte Carlo and indeed this has been happening for over 150 years. However the very fact that it has been happening for that long suggests that by now there can’t be too many regions with more roulette game experience; in other words they will have seen it all ! I found a couple of good but unusual playing situations. The first was at the Café de Paris as recounted above and the second was in the Sun Casino where again a combination of factors came together quite nicely.



The first point of interest was a reasonable dropping zone for the roulette ball that was only quite good and maybe not normally good enough to play. However after looking closer at the roulette wheel I noticed that something was causing the wheel to suddenly slow up for a very brief moment at a certain point during its revolution cycle.

 This really got me thinking and the first thing I needed to work out was exactly which of the rotor numbers were positioned under the predictable drop zone (Where the ball was falling off the track) when the wheel had its slow up moment.  The result of the data showed clearly that the 00 zone was right in the middle of this zone and that this section was spending a fraction more time in this location just because something was causing a momentary brake effect on the wheel.

 The rest is History as they say.  I just started betting on the numbers all around the 00 and hey ho, within about 1 hour I was sensing an advantage and by the end of 4 days I was on a roll. I peaked on the 6th day because by the 7th day the wheel had disappeared completely!

This is the ideal place to combine some great roulette playing and with a holiday at the same time. Take advantage of the almost all year sunshine that Monaco offers, and then all you need is a bit of luck, or skill, depending on which way you view the beautiful game of roulette.



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