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Playing Online Casinos


Gambling on the internet has been available for quite a while now and comes in a numerous forms. There is also a wide variety in law governing online casinos, their permits and levels of responsibility. These variations relate to the operators location and/or the local jurisdiction of the players. It’s always a good idea to check your own region and then search for information about reliable online casino operators. I guess that the requirement of a genuine gaming license is always a good starting point in terms of your own security. It’s not just about finding a straight game but also about being certain that you will get paid when you win big.



The focus here will be on some of the best known online gambling games and in particular those that are related to pseudo-“random” number generators.

This is a very different proposition to playing the live games but none more so than for roulette. Online (RNG)roulette has few similarities with land based casino roulette and from a playing system point of view no similarity at all, other than each game comprises elements that can be unravelled and taken advantage of. I have done this with the live version of the game with my Visual Roulette System and for completely different reasons that I shall explain, I think that the online roulette version is also just as vulnerable.

These notes will be about suggestions for different approaches to playing, some of which have been tried and tested and some are more about pontificating and hope !



Online Roulette System Theory


Most online roulette numbers are generated by a pseudo-random number generator, a computational algorithm that when applied to a secret seed number will produce a sequence of imitation random numbers.

The key to pseudo number generation for the system enthusiast is that from start to finish the sequence of numbers is pre - determined. The numbers are the result of nothing more than a mathematical calculation that is continuously repeating itself. With Online roulette, If you have the random seed number then you have everything! but as this is highly unlikely we should keep our focus on the fact that the numbers draw can’t be described as truly random and the fact that it is always possible to input theoretical or assumed random seed numbers.

The only real problem lies in the enormity of possibilities that these generators can produce. It’s a bit like trying to find a particular spot in the universe that has been described to you. It may be easy to identify but how long would it take to look through all the possibilities first. This will almost certainly be feasible for a quantum computer but until that time, who will come up with the right way to solve the problem? I continue to look at it all with great interest. Anyone interested in jointly creating a program for number sequence search combined with a suitable computer network, , should get in touch !

There are plenty of curious areas that are of interest.

First there is the process for selecting the seed number as this needs to be random too. Once a seed number is selected, again in pseudo random way, the algorithm can then be applied to it.  I once read about a random generator that created a new seed number each second and in ascending order., this certainly didn’t sound random to me, and for that matter nor does relating the random seed to the computer clock.



Next come the pseudo random numbers themselves and this is where things get big, in terms of probability. When we look at the well known pseudo-random generator appropriately named the Mersenne Twister, we see a potential number cycle size of 2 to the power of 19937 .Now, according to my understanding that would mean that the probability is so big that one possibility within the whole potential cycle could be 19937 blacks coming in a row !!   As to whether this is physically possible or not is a whole other subject for debate but it does demonstrate the truly awesome size of the Mersenne Twister algorithm and probability range. Just on that long sequence, it should be noted it may look utterly ridiculous but when you throw in enough opportunities for things to happen then they usually do and furthermore we are also talking about numbers that are almost beyond our imagination and probably even dwarf the big numbers of the universe. The world record for even chances in casino roulette history is probably something like 35 – 45 blacks or reds in a row, though that is just an educated guess. Now, when we look at it closely and try to estimate the number of roulette spins that had occurred to achieve that world record it might amount to something like a billion spins, though I think that’s probably on the large size. The point is that, in terms of probability, this billion spins over the years in casinos to achieve the 45 in a row is still such a small number sample compared to the big probability numbers of the Mersenne Twister. Its hardly surprising how hard it is to believe in the 20000 in a row but the probability suggests that given the right number of chances there is every reason that it would really happen. 

The reason why this is all relevant is that the picture could perhaps be viewed slightly differently, making the cycle suddenly look a lot smaller. 

 If the cycle provides for 20000 even chances in row and all other possibilities, then it probably also provides for something like 500 of the same number in a row too. These are only approximate estimates, though it can definitely be said that the two chances would exactly balance with each other. With the straight up numbers it is a case of 37 x37 x37 x37 and I am suggesting that after performing this calculation about 500 times it would reach the same probability value of the full cycle period which is 2x2x2x2 just under 20000 times.  I would greatly appreciate it if someone feels like calculating the exact equivalent in straight ups and letting me know.

500 hundred straight ups in a row may again seem ridiculous but these 500 numbers could be and will be any numbers. To the pseudo number generator, producing one sequence of the same numbers in a row will be exactly the same as selecting any other sequence of numbers in a row . The key point I want to make here is that if we look at it in terms of the actual number sequence rather than the even chance sequence then the cycle does appear far smaller and the big question is what exactly happens next, once it has selected 500 specific numbers in a row and reached the full extent of its range? It has been said that the cycle would repeat itself but this can’t be correct as it would need to do this after every 500 or so numbers. Furthermore, the idea that the cycle can now appear a lot smaller is relevant in that it greatly improves the prospect of locating where one might be, in any given cycle.

Anyone looking at pattern matching needs to familiarize themselves with the enormity of the cycle as only this way will players see that any 5 number sequence can arise in millions and millions of different cycles and the sequence is way too small to mean anything in tracking terms.. Even if you knew the seed value the sequence would still be too small locate because I imagine that the same 5 number sequence could occur at many different places within the same seed cycle.

The work in this area continues and I am currently investigating what really does happen when the algorithm reaches its outer limits and the one thing I hold on to is the fact when one eventually breaks through, then not only will one realize it but one will also know the next number and the next number and the next one after that too !!  Its all Pre-determined which is why it is referred to as “pseudo random” and potentially predictable.

Time may also play an important part in the ‘random’ generation of roulette numbers. It is clear that a number can be produced on request and at any given moment but just how relevant is that particular moment in time. There is no number until the calculation is performed and the ‘when’ part could also be significant to the system player.


Online Poker System


When online poker really started to get going all the talk was about a new generation of Online Poker Millionaires. We don’t hear the same stories with quite such frequency these days and that’s partly because nearly everything new starts out flawed and is then slowly resolved with rule changes and other countermeasures.

If you are an online poker player, I wonder if you have ever thought the cards seem to be just very slightly more against you than with you, in the long term?

I have heard this quite often but then again, it is something that one hears from gamblers all the time anyway. However, I am in fact only suggesting that it would be a feeling rather than an actual occurrence, and furthermore, that the player is only feeling it because of the noticeable extra number of hands where other players seem to just edge it more often. This may sound a little mysterious and that’s because in some ways it is. To cut to the chase, has it ever occurred to you that others at the table may have an idea as to the strength of your cards?

Imagine you unwittingly join a poker game online playing against others all around the world. How do you know that three of the other players are not all on telephone together discussing what cards they each have and what for sure, you don’t have !!

In a tournament situation, players operating together can also lose to each other deliberately in order to keep themselves both in the game and gain the control that comes with it. This was shown on the TV show called The Real Hustle, though it was in a live situation as opposed to online.

With all this in mind, I was always interested in reading the rules that govern online poker playing.

The first thing that struck me as intriguing was the way these companies have had to take an acceptance policy when it comes to using computers that are able to provide the player with best information based on the known cards etc. Had the online casinos not done this they would have been subjected to continual complaints from players accusing others of using impossible to detect computers. So that’s two things to note, and so if you are playing poker online, there is a high chance that you will be playing against either computer players or a small group of players who ‘know each other’ , or even the very destructive affects of both~ if you know what I mean.



Online Black Jack System

This method can in fact be applied to a variety of games as it is more about the conditions in place. This is a tried and tested method that is not well known.

There has been much debate over the years as to exactly how the payout mechanisms really work. Why does a mechanical jackpot happen at a certain moment, what causes it and most significantly will that machine then be programmed to recover to the normal margin by reducing the payouts to players for a long while after?

Most players prefer true randomness in the cards because this way they know nothing is rigged and there is no technical limit to what can be won. This is more the style of the modern game as there would be nothing worse than winning big on black jack only to find that the program will then reduce the quality of your cards to get back to the fixed and more normal losing edge.


There are however still mechanisms that do use self correcting programs, although they may be a lot more sophisticated than they used to be. The downside is that if you win big you will have that feeling of it being followed be an inevitable loss, so we wouldn’t want to do that, but the upside, and it’s quite a significant upside, is that these type of self correcting programs can be manipulated and even tricked by the players.

If we are searching for a self correcting program then there are two areas that may be affected and its best to devise a strategy that assumes both factors may be in play. The first is the self correction of the number fluctuation variances, where numbers that disappear for very long periods are programmed to return, albeit in a subtle way and agaian, over a long period. The second and most significant part of the system is the self correction of the payout where if an online casino or individual game has a big loss it is programmed to retrieve the loss or the other way around, where it will be programmed to payout more after the machine has been winning more than the normal house edge. This may also work on a more local basis where it is only those that have been winning that are affected by the claw back.



The essential ingredients and conditions for play involve;


1.  A game where the payout mechanism is self correcting. This can be tested very quickly on your first attempt.


2.  A situation where the range between the smallest available bets and the largest is quite wide. Betting between £1 and £5 is not that great but a range between £1 and £100 could be amazing.  

The fundamental objective from there is to design a strategy where we spend most of the time betting the minimum stake and forcing losses, like twisting on 19 or in roulette by betting on all the numbers. The machine will start recognising how badly the player is performing, losing so many of his £1 bets in a row , and may well start ‘developing a wish’ to hand some back in order to re-balance things to a more reasonable edge. The player needs to then pick his moment and  launch in and in a very big way, even £100 if the method has already been tested. The intention is to bet fast and furious but only for a very short while as the machine will soon self correct again. There is no better way of self correcting than to hand out some better cards and this is what you will be hoping for during this short betting blast. It is important to be patient and make sure the machine has been collecting your small stakes for as long as you need and until you feel the machine must be ready to give you a few winners, only this time they will be the very big bets!!!


Selecting the right
moment for Black Jack


Selecting the best moment to start will vary from game to game but can be tested by running a few trials. With black jack it is very easy to orchestrate a deliberate losing bet, I mean where else would you twist on a pair of kings !

As to how much needs be lost at the machine before it can react positively is another anomaly that requires trial tests. I usually played for about 10-15 minutes of losing black Jack and all just for1 minute of power play. I also chose my moment when I had just had 4 or 5 hands with very bad start cards.



Selecting the right

moment for Roulette


With the roulette version of this game we can really play on the part that involves the self correction of numbers, though it is still not as important a factor as the forcing of losers.

So we set up a losing bet but also a very small bet. We can play this for quite a while, collecting data for the winning number order and slowly losing losing losing.

Once we have completed a sizable number of spins we can then launch in big and betting on all the quietest numbers too. One can just imagine the self correcting potential to player who has not only been losing for ages but also the potential for this group of quiet numbers to self correct into becoming red hot numbers and all at the same time, whilst also betting at the top level.

 I used to play this method on the Spanish rouleta machines that has a flashing wheel with just 12 numbers on it. It worked, though not perfectly because the betting range between the minimum and maximums was not very wide, it basically could go up by four times the minimum level. Whereas, in Amsterdam the same machines (slightly more modern version) had a much wider bet range from 1 euro up to 100 euros.



Online Slots System


I have never been a slots player but I have often wondered how I would approach the game if I was to play. I guess this idea is applicable to both online slots and live casino slots and other games too that have jackpots that fluctuate in size.

The key to this method is so simple as to be unbelievable. The slots system involves ensuring that all bets that are placed are done so in a winning margin and with the medium/ long term objective of nailing a jackpot ; not only that but when it happens it will be an especially big jackpot!

If the $1 slot machine has a real jackpot probability of 2 million to 1 and the jackpot level has built up over months to $4 million then every single dollar placed on this game is in a strong winning margin. Obviously to make this effective the player needs to know the probabilities of each machine jackpot they play and have a large bankroll or be part of a team of jackpot seekers.

The secret to the success of the method is to always be on the move and ensuring that as much play as possible is done when the edge is at its greatest.

The style of the system can work in so many other areas of gambling where there is a growing pot and where you don’t play until it is big enough to enable continuous bets within an overall winning edge. If this is done on a big scale then those jackpots will be found, as it is just a numbers game and governed by the normal laws of probability but with above average jackpots, rollovers etc etc where you win money that others couldn’t when the playing the same game earlier and when the jackpot was disproportionately low.



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