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 Roulette computer reviews and roulette system reviews on the internet all seem to come up with a completely different rating order, often with the best computer on one list being the worst on another, so what’s going on ?.



I am sure most of us would agree that there isn’t much advantage in purchasing a number of roulette computers for probably $20,000, to simply test them and publish a neutral roulette computer review. It would be great for potential customers but who’s going to really want to do this without having some other interest, and it is those extra interests that give rise to the potential for some bias, and that’s sales bias rather than roulette wheel bias 

Being a computer seller myself I choose not to review my competitors products as I think that is a bit like asking coca cola to give an opinion on the taste of Pepsi, I mean they are never likely to say it’s great, are they? , and how boring it would be if they did.

You may or may not agree with this but at least it’s always worth checking who is behind the review and then judge the value of it from there. I suspect that my own computer will never have a top rating, but only because I won’t instigate a review myself. I would also only accept the test results from a pro player that had been trained personally, and only they would understand why that is really so important.




Roulette system reviews are also confusing in exactly the same way and more so today because there are so many.

I like to offer pre purchase demonstrations for my software prediction and this is the best way to avoid risk when spending such funds. It also hopefully reflects my confidence in my products and the fact that I wouldn’t let players travel distances just to see rubbish. I also like to follow the demonstration up the following day with full 1 to 1 training.


If you are unable to see your desired product before purchase then you need to research and ask all the right questions. Try to describe exactly what your roulette game involves. Let the seller know the type of wheels and when they call no more bets, as these factors are crucial to selecting the best product for you and your situation, which may well be different to another player’s set of conditions.



Copyright 2011 Jafco. All rights reserved.


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