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On my websites there are about forty different videos, showing many different playing styles. They have been mainly filmed since 2005 in a live wheel environment and in digital format. Naturally there are no film cuts during play.




Roulette system videos are notoriously boring, can go on for ever and ultimately don’t usually show that much. Often you see cuts in films and sometimes you see roulette computers being demonstrated on video replays!!

I looked out for a way to make videos more fun whilst also ensuring that the two most important aspects to the demonstration are not overlooked. First it is important to demonstrate the mathematical abilities of a system. This can be judged by the frequency with which the bet numbers approach the landing pin at the same time as the ball. Any system that can do this over and over again has to win in the long run. Hopefully you will see this strong betting position on nearly every spin that is viewed on my video roulette demonstration films.



The second vital element to show is the long term winning edge and because my videos are short you may wonder how this is possible. The videos may be short but most of roulette clips range in odds of between 6000-1 up to 2.6 million-1.  Anyone considering this fact will have to decide whether they think I filmed about 3 million clips as I would need to do, based on normal odds, or is something big going down. Not only did I not film that many spins but in fact I only have about 25 hours of film in total. It becomes fairly obvious that although they are highlight moments of roulette play, when they are all considered together they offer up the best evidence of a long term margin, albeit a little lower than the advantage seen in my highlights.

Critics of my Videos

Unsurprisingly the few criticisms over my videos come mainly from competitors and those with interests we don’t fully know about.

‘videos are deceptive’

These are videos of a live wheel with no film cuts & no video replays. How can that reality be deceptive?





‘Wheel track is worn out’

The video being referred to in this instance is a brand new Cammegh roulette wheel and fitted with the new material for the ball track which is specifically designed to prevent wear and tear.

‘must be using magnets’

The use of magnets would be an unbelievably elaborate process and professional players know that the ball revolution times would be totally out of sync, making it very easy to detect if magnets were being used. In addition the ball would behave in a very unnatural way, even after landing. No, we would never use magnets.

‘The bounce is so short’

There is more of a tendency for a short bounce but the many customers who have seen live demonstrations on my wheels would testify to the fact that there is often a longer bounce on my wheels but that there are also phases of predictable short bounce, when I would choose to both play and ofcourse, make my videos.

The short bounce periods represent some of the best roulette playing moments and therefore it is highly likely that this type of bounce will feature strongly in my highlight videos as a result. Imagine if you also know when to expect the good roulette playing periods.

‘too good to be true'

I shall take this one comment as a compliment! 

We always supply our customers with plenty of video spins for practice and our DVD also shows some much longer uncut play periods where the margin is slightly smaller than the web highlights but still very powerful.

The criticisms I receive of my videos on the net are in stark contrast to those that have either met me or purchased my roulette playing strategy. They know the full picture and can even call the bets themselves on the videos~ and they say:  ‘Awesome’  ‘Amazing’ and ‘Real’. Jafco Testimonials



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            Copyright 2011 Jafco. All rights reserved.