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The history of roulette is littered with stories of scams and behind the scenes corruption. For a couple of centuries the winning potential and romance of the roulette game has attracted players from all over the world.



The game of roulette has come along way since the 18th century when it was known as hocca and played widely in parlours across France. Roulette is now played in most countries and remains the most popular casino game.

 Roulette Crime Stories   


Scams and cons in roulette can occur on either side of the fence. It may come from the players side, it could come from the croupier/Roulette dealer, or in rare circumstances it could even come from the casino itself/

Uk Law basically says that the player should select a method for playing roulette whereby they do not in any way affect the ball, the roulette wheel, or of course the final outcome to the roulette spin. Furthermore, a player of roulette should always refrain from betting after the ‘no more bets’ is announced by the croupier. The basis for this law is that in all other circumstances the roulette game would be ‘truly random’.  The game is of course not random at all and can be exploited by any or all three parties.


On the dealer signature page at I go into more detail on this and also show on video exactly what I mean by dealing winning roulette number sections Or for that matter throwing numbers for your displeasure, either way it’s always going to be an advantage to someone.



With such power in the hands of a top roulette dealer it is very easy to justify the use of a mechanical method to overcome such a potential threat against the player. This is also why players are allowed to play after the ball has been released by the dealer. Casinos may not like it, but the plain truth is, if you always play after the spin has started then the dealer will not be able to ever affect the final outcome, at least as far as your own bets are concerned



Roulette Player Con


During one of my European roulette playing tours I briefly visited a very nice casino in the beautiful town of Eighnen, located just outside Paris.

Having visited over 500 casinos I have learnt to always expect the unexpected and this particular casino was quite unusual in that the very first thing I noticed was how each wheel was fended off with a large sheet of glass. I obviously figured out that it was some sort of casino countermeasure but couldn’t think of anything much, other than it being an elaborate way to prevent chips or something falling into the wheel. 


The glass was no problem for my own playing because I merely needed to see the wheel but in truth the wheels at that time were not great for playing and so my visit was very short lived.  The professional roulette players are always looking to move on and search out better wheels for playing roulette.

However before leaving I needed to know the truth behind the glass dividers and was quite surprised at the answer given to me by another player


He explained that this was the casino that everyone was talking about because it had recently been hit for an absolute ton of money by a very curious man who used a method to blow the ball into the winning numbers!!

Obviously this is a case of affecting the ball which would have certainly been unlawful. However, the idea will still tickle the minds of those with a sense of imagination.  

The man had apparently built a tiny and fairly silent air compressor linked to a tube which was fed through to his shirt sleeves. The device enabled a short and sudden burst of air delivered from under the shirt cuff.

He would bet on say the zero and then he would wait for the ideal moment towards the end of the spin when the roulette ball was slow. As the roulette ball approached the ideal hitting zone for the zero he would then aim his arm and fire a burst of air at the ball, forcing it to land in and around the Zero. I wonder if he was the same man to later  invent the roulette airball machines!!



      Casino Roulette Con Trick


This illegal roulette trick is in some respects similar to the above story, though in this instant the con was applied by the casino itself. First I should say that this story is about an unauthorized type of casino that only exist today in a few regions. It should also be noted that this type of casino con story is rare, unproven and highly unlikely to occur in a normal casino where the license is priceless and where putting it at risk would be madness.

This story may represent the source for all the discussion about the use of magnets. I have even myself been accused of using magnets to make my videos as some people say that they are too good to be true! Well the news is simple, I don’t use magnets, the videos are 100% genuine and as you will see the use of magnets is a very elaborate process anyway.

An underground casino built a magnetic coil and inserted it into the actual table on which the roulette wheel was set. They then constructed a ball with a metal or magnetic internal part.

In the same way as the man who blew the ball into the pocket, a secret friend of the casino would turn on the electromagnetic coil to draw the ball into the selected roulette number section. However, in this instant it was to select a deliberate losing number, as far away as possible from the big bet or most covered area.



CCTV  Roulette Security Con


CCTV security was introduced to most casinos from about the 1970’s

The cameras were introduced for overall security but also a useful way of resolving the betting disputes of players.

It’s worth first noting that every casino has it’s own policy over misplaced bets etc. If you have lost loads of money in a casino they will nearly always give way when that player says that their bet was supposed to be a straight up and not a split. But if the stakes are higher they will usually consult the cameras before making any decision, and even then they will usually view the position from the player’s standpoint.

As with anything new there is always a higher chance of getting around the system and that’s precisely what a Small group of European criminals were rumoured to have done. They came up with an illegal trick which was aimed directly at those viewing the security cameras

Two members from a small group would enter a casino separately and not attached. One would play the part of a small time roulette player using £1 type chips and the other would play the part of the high roller. The act was more elaborate than I describe here.

The trick they pull was limited to only 1 success per casino and nowadays it would almost certainly not work.

In amongst many chips the high roller places a single £100 chip on say number 20 black.

The small chip player would then place a few small stacks of £1 chips on a couple of numbers including 20 black.

A moment later the smaller player decides to switch a couple of his bets including the chips on twenty where he picks up his own stack and accidentally on purpose also picks up the £100 chip at the bottom and then places that bet on say number 19 instead.

If number 19 comes up the big player will happily receive his £3,500.

If number twenty comes up he will demand to know how his bet on 20 has now become 19. After a moment he will ask for the CCTVreplay to see what happened. The casino will see the accidental move made by an unconnected person and they will tell him off but feel obliged to pay as well.



The high roller would have had two chances of winning his straight up instead of just one and in doing so created a sting.

The limitations of this con trick are obvious and should never be attempted as it would be like taking an express train toAlcatraz!

Before the introduction of CCTV to casinos for roulette there were many groups who travelled around past posting, in other words placing bets after the ball had dropped into a roulette number pocket



Most of these cons involved the use of diversion tactics. The croupier is usually looking at the ball as it enters a number pocket in anticipation of announcing the winning number. The inspector however should have his eyes glued to the betting layout at this precise moment. Some inspectors may be looking at two wheels at once, may mistakenly look at the number up on the wheel instead of the layout or they may just be tired and not focussed. These natural occurrences were often taken advantage of and sometimes extended further with a diversion. This may involve a loud and sudden clap or something just as the ball goes in. This will almost certainly divert the attention of the inspector away from the roulette table layout at the most critical of moments, allowing a late bet to be placed after the ball has landed.

Despite the roulette cameras there are some who still do this in today’s game.

They operate on the basis that with so many cameras in such a small place there is no way they are each being monitored live.  This is definitely correct but only on a general basis. This is just another con trick that should never be attempted. No one ever needs to break any laws to win at roulette, if you are unsure of this please visit my visual roulette film gallery where I hope you will see that given the right set of conditions winning at roulette is far easier than one may first imagine.


The Roulette‘ NO Spin ’ con


One of the most simple roulette cons involves taking advantage of the ‘no spin’ call that is made by the inspector and can be called for a number of reasons. First the ball may have come out of the wheel or perhaps got stuck on the roulette wheel rotor rim. There are in fact many other reasons for calling a no spin in roulette but one of them is when something interferes with the wheel.

One member of the gang would make a very large bet either on a couple of numbers or a small section of numbers. Another member would stand by the wheel and ‘accidentally’ drop one of his chips into the wheel at the precise moment he sees that the bet is about to lose. The inspector will almost certainly have to call a no spin, especially when the con artist is so good that he can drop his chip just before the ball falls off the roulette track.  The no spin will result in all bets being cancelled, including those big ones which were almost certain to lose !! Obviously when the ball comes off the track in the right area the chip will not be dropped. This is yet another small time con trick which is always limited in use and again should not be attempted.




The Roulette Wedge


Have you ever noticed how the casino staff always takes fast action to move any objects from around the wheel base, including rubbish, ashtrays and even spent roulette cards or cigarette packets.

This clearing action is taken to ensure that nothing can be placed under the roulette wheel base.  There were some crafty tricksters who placed a small wedge, either a tiny wooden block or even something as small as a coin under the wheel. Once a wheel has been artificially tilted it can then be trashed totally by a top player who knows exactly how to play such a situation.

Curiously, with my visual roulette system we do in fact look for wheels that behave in a similar way to the above scenario but these effects are created through natural bias and not requiring an individual to prop up the roulette wheel



Casino Corruption


This is an alleged corruption story about a very well known top casino. As nothing was ever prosecuted or proven I shall not name any of those persons or organizations that were said to be involved. The complete story was told in a TV special and referred to an alleged situation of many years earlier

The casino owner in question was said to have purchased his own playing card manufacturing business in Europe, from where the cards were slightly bent one way if they were a picture card and bent the other way if not. They were then wrapped in cellophane as new and sealed with a loving kiss!

He was said to have invited a few friends around to effectively come in and rob his casino. The big loser in this situation would of course be the tax office.

However one could speculate further and if it really was going on, then it’s not hard to imagine what else may have been happening and how it may have affected other players.

If for example I am the player who is in the know and on my left is a genuine player then, on some occasions, when I see a big bet on my left and a picture card coming that would bust him, I might leave it for him knowing that he is likely to draw and bust.



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