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Roulette playing strategies can be divided into 3 main groups, including visual roulette systems, mechanical roulette systems and bet staking systems.



Visual roulette system strategies

Visual roulette system strategies come in a variety of forms including the ‘dealer’s signature’ roulette system, Visual Ballistics~ or VB Roulette involving pattern recognition, and our own style of Visual Roulette~ involving roulette ball tracking and hot sector betting.



Roulette Dealer’s signature


The roulette dealer signature system involves the tracking of the complete roulette spin, that’s from the dealer’s ball release to the landing and resulting bounce/ scatter. 

If the wheel speed is fairly consistent and the player knows about, and fully understands the conditions that provide for repetitive roulette, then this method can technically be played by anyone very easily.



In every casino there are players looking for patterns to follow and even if correctly charted it will not necessarily be anything more than a coincidence or random pattern. Knowledge of the game is critical as it is this that enables the professional dealer’s spin player to distinguish between what is far more likely to be a genuine roulette dealer’s pattern as opposed to just a random dealer’s pattern. 

If an average roulette player follows every pattern they see in a flat betting style, they will simply end up following almost entirely random patterns and having their hopes raised every now and then when, by a lucky coincidence, the player will latch onto a genuine roulette pattern, follow it, win a bit and then wonder firstly whether it was real a pattern or not and then wonder why it’s not still happening half an hour later with the same dealer doing the same thing. 

From all this you will gather that not only will the pro player know when a pattern is genuine but they will also know when it’s over and act accordingly by pulling out and saving all the money banked from the good conditions. 

This method of play can be very powerful when everything is set up correctly and in fact all the same roulette playing principles apply to my own visual roulette system except that for reasons of additional accuracy we pick up the ball spin later in the process.



You may have seen some of my videos which are a combination of visual roulette system play and also my own dealer’s signature where I am showing roulette sector dealing, more for a bit of fun than anything, though they do show clearly how the whole spin can be predictable. I should also mention that dealing a roulette sector is one of the hardest things to do in roulette and that it is far easier to actually play the dealer’s signature where you can assess both the roulette wheel rota speed and the action of the roulette ball after the throw, something the dealer can’t do.


 Visual Roulette System Play


My own visual roulette playing method involves the assessment of the roulette Wheel speed, followed by a visual judgment on the ball, whilst also having the knowledge to set up correctly to play with a very specific aim in mind and to know when to, and when not to play roulette.



Our visual players use an information card that can be laid out in different ways, looks like any other casino card, and which provides betting positions to cover virtually all pattern types, whilst also taking away the requirement to memorize visual roulette patterns on the wheel. Of course the option to memorize the card data is still there for anyone with a reasonable memor,y who also feels the need to play without a card.  

There is a lot more to this way of playing roulette than meets the eye, especially in relation to how we go about setting up to locate the small hot section on the wheel and then move with it as the conditions that affect the ball action,change.

You will find a lot of information and roulette system videos on the main part of the website and naturally even more on the CD players manual that I sell.



Visual Ballistics Roulette ~ “VB”


Ballistics Science is a closely related subject for the roulette game, and specifically the roulette ball and its numerous variations in ball spin behaviour. 

Pioneered by the very well known and respected Lawrence Scott, the Visual Ballistics or VB roulette playing system involves the recognition of patterns that are viewed on the wheel itself rather than simply patterns of numbers. 

If you were watching a roulette spin that looked almost identical to another spin then it may, in certain circumstances, be more likely to land in approximately the same place as previously. This is a very simplistic description but emphasizes that in certain conditions what has happened in the recent roulette past can be used to predict what will happen in the roulette near future.



For me this method of play is of interest in that I myself discovered the secrets of roulette by visually recognizing patterns on the wheel. This was thirty years ago and for me it was the very first evidence that the roulette game was not a random game and that furthermore, if the physical factors of the roulette  game could virtually all be considered, then winning at roulette may be a lot more than just a theory, as indeed I soon after discovered. 

After hiring a roulette wheel I then discovered exactly what was behind these patterns and went on to play successful pro roulette from there. 

I faced a crossroads a short while later where I would either create a system based on pattern recognition on the wheel or something, that may be more straightforward to apply. The issue I had with pattern recognition was that I figured there were too many to learn and because I was never a great learner of things it concerned me that I would be selecting a method to play roulette where one of the primary factors would need to be more about my ability to learn patterns rather than the actual playing method itself.  I also found that roulette pattern recognition was to a degree only possible up to about 1 revolution of accuracy in respect of the ball which would be very effective on a single pin roulette wheel where the ball has one drop point,  which are very hard to find these days.

At my crossroads moment I chose a different route which enabled accurate roulette wheel speed assessment and simplified everything in such a way that I didn’t need to learn anything in terms of slightly complex pattern recognition.



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