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Roulette has been played for many centuries, originating in France and known in the early days as Hoca. During the 1700s, Hoca parlours were banned as their owners were making too much money; in fact, anyone caught running an underground parlour was executed.



By 1800 the game, now known as roulette, was fully established across Europe and the USA. The romance, glitz and glamour of the game almost certainly came from the developing Monte Carlo scene where the single zero style was soon being considered as the premier roulette game.

Even by the early 20th century there were still only two cities that were well known for gambling. Monte Carlo and Las Vegas was where all the action was, though this has all changed these days with the emergence of gambling cities like Macau and Atlantic City. 

During the 1970’s casinos were opening in many parts of the globe and today I believe there are about 1000 casinos worldwide.


The American 00 version of the game can be found almost anywhere but is predominantly played in the USA, Europe and the west indies. The single zero game will be found elsewhere and especially in Europe.


Today, roulette is the most popular casino game played across the world, and the third most popular in the U.S.A. The success of the game has produced countless fortunes for those who own casinos, a few lucky players, and of course, the professional players. 

The roulette wheel is crafted to an extremely high standard and makes an impressive ornament in its own right. A new roulette wheel costs around $6000 and requires regular maintenance.



The wheel is designed to be perfectly level to allow the ball to roll evenly on its track and then ‘randomly’ drop into any one of 37 numbers (on a French wheel 0-36), or 38 numbers (on an American wheel 00 and 0-36). The extra number in American roulette slightly increases the house margin and should be avoided by non-system players, and professionals should only play them when the wheel has something special to offer. 

This list shows how the order of the numbers changes between the Single and double zero wheels. The number order is clockwise.


Single 0 Roulette Wheel


                Double 00 Roulette Wheel


To play roulette you must first put down cash or cash chips and, in return you will be given the equivalent value chips, in your own colour, with which you can bet. Players can usually also bet with cash chips. 

The croupier, also known as the dealer, will spin the ball in one direction and the wheel in the other. The ball will have much momentum, initially, with a skidding action. At some stage the ball usually converts its spin energy into orbit energy and begins to roll in a more uniform way. This conversion usually occurs at a reasonable time before the end of the game. However, it is important to know that, due to changing temperature and pressure, this does not always occur as expected and leads to the dramatic effects of drag. 

About 3-6 seconds from the end, the croupier will announce `no more bets`, when all players must stop betting. A `late bet` would be returned and this should be avoided.

After about 12-20 seconds (depending on the ball type and the type of wheel track) the ball will slow enough to drop off the track onto a metal diamond and into one of the many possible number pockets.



The pockets have metal frets on either side and the deeper they are the more likely the ball will bounce short.


 Casino Etiquette


Good Casino etiquette is important and especially for the professional roulette winner who needs to move around under the radar.

Avoid betting after the dealer calls ‘no more bets’

 Place your bets in a neat way on the table layout where there can be no confusion about exactly which number or parts of a number you are intending to play. 

When making call bets it is important not to toss chips at the dealer as they will just roll all over the place and the dealer may consider it rude and could use their skill to take you out of the game 

Tipping arrangements vary from country to country but in most places it is good to either do a few small tips after winners or a slightly larger one off tip when you leave. 

Its very easy to look for someone to blame when things are not going right and it is strongly advisable that the pro needs to be very restrained in this respect or otherwise the number of favourable dealers begins to rapidly decline. 

Players need to be sure of where they bet as continuous use of the casino’s  CCTV can cause a lot of hassle, especially if the player is more often wrong than right. 

Roulette is widely referred to as the ‘king of casino games’ and from my own 30 years of playing I would certainly agree. Not only is it a great game but it is also a very beatable game. Unlike other casino games roulette involves many physical elements, the moving ball, the moving and decelerating wheel and of course the physical conditions that affect that moving ball. I should state that there are several types of bias and with my Visual Roulette System we play one of the more modern and less well known types of bias wheel game.




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